A bit of history

November 1985

Initial international cooperation occurred for the first time in November 1985, when François Mitterrand, Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan jointly established a program to develop nuclear fusion.   The-beginning   Read more

November, 21st 2006

The ITER Agreement was officially signed at the Elysée Palace in Paris, on 21 November 2006, by the seven ITER member-country ministers.Engage timeline Nov 2006 Read more

April, 13th 2010

F4E and Engage signed the ITER Architect Engineer contract, one of the biggest engineering contracts ever established in Europe. Worth approximately 150 million Euros, the Architect Engineer contract for ITER buildings and civil infrastructures was awarded to the Engage consortium. Engage timeline April 2010 Read more

Summer 2010

Work officially began – daily rock blasting for 7 weeks Engage timeline summer 2010 Read more

April 2012

Last seismic pad is installed (18 months to install the 493 anti-seismic bearings and pads) Engage timeline April 2012 Read more

May 2013

Assembly Hall building basemat is completed – 5,400 m3 of concrete Engage timeline May 2013 Read more

December 2013

Pouring of concrete for the B2 slab level of the tokamak complex Engage timeline Dec 2013 Read more

August, 27th 2014

The fifteenth and final segment of the tokamak complex basemat is completed. The 9,300 m² slab (14,000 m³ of concrete, 3,600 tonnes of rebar. 2,500 embedded plates) is the last phase of the foundation work. Read more

September 2015

Lifting of the B13 roof Read more

March 2017

Area 41 – SSEN Bay 4 2nd energization
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Completion of zone 8 deep galleries and interfaces Read more

September 2017

End of civil work construction design of tokamak complex Read more

October 2017

GPNI 2017: Engage is awarded the « Industry and Technology Prize » Read more

December 2017

Load tests for the 750t cranes – B13 Read more

March 2018

Lifting of the temporary lid Read more

Q3 2018

The bioshield is 30 meters deep; only the top third appears above the concrete of the Tokamak Building. Read more

Q3 2018

Site milestone: a fully formed « crown »

In respect of a 2018 ITER Council milestone, European contractors finalize the civil works of the concrete crown on the night of 28-29 August. This solid base ring and its 18 radial walls will support 23,000 tons of machine from below.
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December, 21st 2018

Infrastructure completed

On 21 December 2018, the European Domestic Agency hands the completed cooling tower zone over to the ITER Organization for equipment installation. The areas handed over include the cold and hot basins, the water cooling pumping station, the heat exchange zone, and the water treatment facility.
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December, 21st 2018

B32-33-38 Take Over

On 21 December, the European Domestic Agency hands over to the ITER Organization the completed buildings and their associated services for magnet power conversion and reactive power control equipment installation.
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January, 26th 2019

Site energisation

On 26th January, site power supply has been switched to RTE 400kV line. The operation of High voltage equipment have been handed over to IO. This include the main transformers 400kV/22kV, the B36 switchgears and associated monitoring. Engage timeline 26 Janvier 2019
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Q1 2019

Tokamak B2 level painting

Floors have been painted and are ready for equipment installation inside the Tokamak. Engage timeline q1 2019
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Q3 2019

Steel pillar section #1

The first crane hall pillar section is lifted on 11 September. This is the lower, 13-metre-tall section of one pillar. An upper section, 16 metres tall, will be added later. Engage timeline q3 2019
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November, 7th 2019

Last concrete pour of the Tokamak building

On 7 November 2019, the last concrete plot of the Tokamak Building is poured by the VFR consortium, contractor to the European Domestic Agency for construction of the Tokamak Complex. This completes work on the seven-level concrete structure that began back in 2014. Engage timeline 7 Nov 2019
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November, 21st 2019

First door installed

The first 58 T port cell door was installed on its hinges on November 21st. 45 of this kind are still to be installed before mid 2020. Engage timeline 21 Nov 2019
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November, 26th 2019

First machine component in the Tokamak pit

A six-tonne metal component—part of a magnet feeder—was  the first piece of the machine to be lowered into the Tokamak Pit in the night of November 26th. Engage timeline 26 Nov 2019
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Construction live

Follow the tokamak construction in live at https://static.iter.org/com/360/calendar/2021-09/ Engage timeline Nowadays
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