Engage is involved in the well being of its team members!

Engage sincerely believes that the success of its projects depends on its teams and the importance to feel good at work.

That’s why Engage sets up different actions to ensure the well being of its team members.


Engage call on an osteopath to help its team members to feel better.


Engage called in a psychologist, because it’s important to make sure that all team members feel good.

Stress management training

Through its e-learning platform, Engage offers different types of training, some of which teach you how to better manage your stress at work.


Every Tuesday Engage provides its team members with fruit through a partnership with a local producer.

Online wellness activities

Conflicts management


Muscles strengthening

Boost your concentration



Engage is aware that a good physical and mental health goes through sport. That’s why Engage offers its employees the opportunity to take part in sports activities.