International Women’s Rights Day 2023

This year we hosted an inspiring event celebrating international women’s rights day. Our special guest was Valentine Honoré.
Valentine is solar, strong, deep, passionate and positive. She shared her experience of travelling through conflict zones as part of an NGO protecting and assisting war victims with unwavering passion. She inspired those of us working in fusion to continue our work towards a cleaner planet and peaceful future. 

It takes a lot of courage to engage as she did. She showed us how Solidarity is the source of her engagement, and how trust in life and in humanity in people helps to stay positive in every life challenge. She embodies all Engage values: Courage, Trust, Solidarity.

Thank you Valentine Honoré for sharing with us your challenging journey and contributions to humanitarian support in the most fragile and dangerous environments. And special thanks to the Curiosity Club for their support with this event!

A huge thanks also to each and every one of you that attended this talk yesterday on the ITER Organization site and virtually. We shared a meaningful moment altogether.

More to come. Stay tuned….

Photos credit ©Curiosity Club