Engage goals

« Created in 2010, Engage is an engineering company dedicated to the Iter project regarding its buildings, utilities and infrastructures. A multicultural team, with a reputed multidisciplinary expertise, ensures the implementation of Buildings in behalf of the European Domestic Agency, from initial concept to the commissioning.

Located in the Iter site in Cadarache, we have a great diversity in our teams who are constantly in a process of continuous improvement with training actions, team building, quality and continuous improvement actions »


General Manager

Newcomers welcome package

Engage makes everything possible to facilitate the integration of its newcomers.


Mentoring program

Here in Engage we have implemented a mentoring program for all our newcomers.

The objective of this program is to offer our Newcomers (Mentees) the opportunity to have a better understanding of the organization as a whole with a Mentor (an experienced co-worker) who has the seniority and the experience of the Iter Project to share all his best practices.

Engage e-learning plateform

Engage developed an E-learning platform to help all our team members to develop their skills and to have a better understanding of the ITER project.

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